I move in between walls and dreams in silence, arrivals and departures Tangled in questions of the new world, identity, self, preaching and cosmology I feel bright and mundane at the same time Sometimes embodying gods and goddesses Sometimes just being Understanding and smiling at missing parts, unsettled forms and ideas Reevaluating, with an inclination

always wanted little always needed that favourite mind. so eagerly, justice… fresh air a golden robe, and some wine. always drowning always relating… walking towards the fiery light in such beauty to come out bright.

I am standing still, looking up and thinking – how in life nothing stands alone without being connected to something else. There is always a connection. And always a change.

And I am looking up again thinking about how am I thinking. What is my mind doing at this very moment… Am I realising, recognising, noticing, sensing or understanding.

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