Dancer | Yogini | Somatic Movement Therapist | Experiential Anatomist | Coddiwompler

Artistic Director & Founder @studioavantZgarde

Artistic Biography

Currently teaching classical ballet, contemporary dance, and Ashtanga yoga in countries – India, China, Italy, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. She is also a somatic movement therapist helping dancers strengthen, release and balance their bodies through the method of Physio-Mental Development.

Avantika conducts somatic workshops and yoga retreats for both dancers and non-dancers helping them to find the mind and body connection. Using a mindful and friendly approach for sensing the body. Her work has benefited many to attain a greater awareness and several other bodily developments.

She believes in precision and like using reference points from both philosophy and anatomy in her classes. She teaches traditional Ashtanga yoga, Hatha yoga, Vinyasa flow, Pranayama and Meditation, and Restorative forms of yoga besides Classical Ballet, Creative Movement and Cardio Barre.

The classes explore mind and body connections, movement, use of breath, gravitational tools, internal sensing, self- inquiry, somatic dialogues, basics of anatomy, techniques for better awareness along with injury prevention and healing.


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