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Currently teaching classical ballet, contemporary dance, and various styles of yoga in countries – India, China, Italy, Costa Rica, Austria, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and the UK. She is also a somatic movement therapist helping dancers strengthen, release and balance their bodies through the method of Physio-Mental Development.

Avantika's goal is to equip everyone with full insight towards mind and body, hence she conducts somatic workshops, wellness and yoga retreats for both dancers and non-dancers helping them to find the mind and body connection. Using a mindful and friendly approach for sensing the body. Her work has benefited many to attain a greater awareness and several other bodily developments. She likes to expand and share her versatile background with organisations that value health and wellness in an experiential and primary way.

Her pedagogy is evolving everyday as she shifts from continent to continent every few weeks, embodying different cultures in hr works. Despite that she believes in precision and like using reference points from both philosophy and anatomy in her classes. She teaches traditional Ashtanga yoga, Hatha yoga, Vinyasa flow, Reiki, Pranayama and Meditation, and Restorative forms of yoga besides Classical Ballet, Creative Movement and Cardio Barre. Besides teaching she offers healing and re alignment sessions where she uses an amalgamation of several practices she has mastered over many years.

The classes explore mind and body connections, movement, use of breath, gravitational tools, internal sensing, self- inquiry, dialogues, somatic dialogues, re aligning, basics of anatomy, techniques for better awareness along with injury prevention and healing.


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  • The master of yin yoga- with a voice that is so soothing, it can bring anyone into a deep meditate state.
    - Andrew Rowe
  • Learning under Avantika has not only helped build on my yoga practice, but has also enriched my physical awareness while training my martial art. Avantika's body-work with athletes is excellent, and I'd especially recommend her to anyone engaging in an arduous physical activity.
    Her practice helps to challenge, heal, rest, recover, and fully immerse in the mind-body experience - it's all connected!
    - Manasi Rathore
  • One of the smartest fitness decisions I've taken is to practice and learn yoga from Avantika. I first took a class with her in 2016, and I've been hooked since. She has taught and guided me through some really tough phases of my life, including an accident which had doctors suspecting that I may not be able to straighten my arm again. What stands out about Avantika is her remarkable ability to combine her academic knowledge with the physical and mental practice to gently guide her students towards progress. She is an extremely keen observer and very invested in the well-being and growth of those she teaches. Her own evolution as a teacher and practitioner has seen us seamlessly move between Ashtanga and Vinyasa. Her constant desire to learn and improve herself as a teacher is not only a rare and refreshing attribute but it also adds new dimensions to the practice such as her ability to bring in somatic therapy and aromatherapy into your practice. I cannot recommend practicing with her enough!”
    - Kamayani Singh
  • I had an enriching Ashtanga practice with Avantika. While I was introduced to the world of yoga through Vinyasa, learning Ashtanga enabled me to build my own practice. Lessons with Avantika taught me the importance of focusing on my breath, coming to my yoga mat with an empty and focused mind, devoting yourself completely to the practice for an hour. While I experiment with different forms in classes now, I always come back to Ashtanga when practising on my own. Thanks to Avantika's dedicated teaching, yoga has become an integral part of my life today.”
    - Richa Sharma
  • To me yoga means avantika. I have learned a great deal of yoga, especially Ashtanga yoga with Avantika for almost 3 years. She is unlike any other teacher that you come across. She knows her subjects well, to the core. Don’t see her just as someone into yoga. She is versatile. Ashtanga yoga, Hatha yoga, Vinyasa flow, Reiki, Pranayama, Meditation, Restorative yoga, Classical Ballet and what not. Oh my god! and yeah, somatic movements… :) She is not only a great teacher but also an amazing consultant on wellness domain. She brings out the best in you. Well-traveled, an explorer, a yogini. :)
    - Animesh
  • Avantika Kochar is an amazing teacher having a very excellent style of imparting yoga training. I have learnt different styles of yoga from her like Hatha, Ashtang, Vinyasa and Pranayama. I wish her luck for all her future endeavors."
    - Anjali Sharma