Artistic Biography

Currently teaching classical ballet, contemporary dance, and Ashtanga yoga in countries – India, China, Italy, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. She is also a somatic movement therapist helping dancers strengthen, release and balance their bodies through the method of Physio-Mental Development.

Avantika conducts somatic workshops and yoga retreats for both dancers and non-dancers helping them to find the mind and body connection. Using a mindful and friendly approach for sensing the body. Her work has benefited many to attain a greater awareness and several other bodily developments.

She believes in precision and like using reference points from both philosophy and anatomy in her classes. She teaches traditional Ashtanga yoga, Hatha yoga, Vinyasa flow, Pranayama and Meditation, and Restorative forms of yoga besides Classical Ballet, Creative Movement and Cardio Barre.

The classes explore mind and body connections, movement, use of breath, gravitational tools, internal sensing, self- inquiry, somatic dialogues, basics of anatomy, techniques for better awareness along with injury prevention and healing.

Holding experience in dance festivals, spa and wellness, public relations and marketing, teaching (since 2013), performing, conducting yoga retreats and visual art exhibiting around the world.

Furthermore, her main area is dance research where Avantika is investigating a few themes in classical ballet in relationship with Ashtanga yoga.

Education and Dance: Avantika is an International Baccalaureate Diploma in the year 2010. Avantika holds a Diploma in dance from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore. She attended ‘The American Dance Festival’ for six weeks at Duke University in North Carolina. Following that she successfully completed BA (Hons) in Dance and Professional Practice from the University of Bedforshire, United Kingdom. In 2016 Avantika completed MA in Dance Cultures from the University of Surrey in England. Avantika studied Ashtanga yoga from R. Sharath Jois (KPJAYI) and Hatha yoga from Vijay Mehra (Sivananda Yoga). In 2017 Avantika attended Impulstanz Vienna International Dance Festival where she completed her Teacher Training in Somatic Movement.

Her study in cultural studies had a huge impact on her work as an art practitioner and art maker. Avantika completed her thesis on the role of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga as a supportive practice to professional classical ballet dancers. Avantika also absorbed into topics on cultural identity through movement and innovative approaches to address cross-cultural embodiments of dance as an art form. Avantika has investigated my choreographic practice through various theories and mediums. For instance, Avantika had used William Forsythe’s approach of improvisational technologies to investigate movement. Currently she is significantly interested in hybridity concerning techniques and choreography. Having performed nationally and internationally at various platforms and presented her work in different sorts of spaces. Avantika has also been a part of projects based on site-specific installations, dialogues, film for both choreography and performance.