He said to me in the game of time
With all this grace, oh you so divine.
With all his passion, to make it happen
He got lost in compassion.
We came across hummingbirds and fiery Turks
For when the creation is of a smarter self
and a suitable jerk.
This bloke is creating a lot of work
For his epiphany and my curb.

The pace of life has never felt so right
With all this passion brewing right inside
Pomegranate was just a sensation of that bright sunny light
But now self love is my right
Time constraints to bloom love and lust over night
Devaluing all that jazz yet making sure you there in a stretch for your tight courtyard night

this inward search and journey of being reborn,
is it just an active volcano or is it a state of being-breathing.
the sounds vibrating like bass in my body;
signs that I am active, flowing through my movement.
booming through the inner fire,
glowing with the guiding light.
sea shells in my braid, love in my eyes, warmth in my heart;
where do I go next following the flow like the lava.
i am running wild for a very long time,
following the depth of the blue highs
and ashes of grey skies

always wanted little
always needed that favourite mind.
so eagerly, justice...
fresh air
a golden robe, and
some wine.

always drowning
always relating...
walking towards the fiery light
in such beauty to come out bright.

hoofers and sculptures
all are schemers
as they decide to gather around the jet of water
to get high and bright on wine
I remember the time of that early morning light
with depth in his voice and care in his eyes
how can I forget the winter tide
with dreams to come by with a smile

We measure time in months and days
And look forward to our times together to laze
We spin we dance we dream, 
We run among the trees!

The energy we hold is pure 
With you pulsing in my soul
We are alive and we glow
In the electric shell we soar.

Let’s love and laugh baby
And wonder for starlight and dawn
And mystical mornings.

blending in the space with patches of light 
travelling to distant lands and coming back bright
routine of twirls and gallops with thoughts of starry nights
make moments worth celebrating life

And I am looking up again thinking about how am I thinking. What is my mind doing at this very moment...
Am I realising, recognising, noticing, sensing or understanding.

I am standing still, looking up and thinking
- how in life nothing stands alone without being
connected to something else.
There is always a connection. And always a change.

love is all around. a mojority of it is within.
i open my heart sensing it in the center within
my physical being everyday. as i breathe in,
i feel myself expand and multiply and see my love grow with every breath. i am emotionally attached to the center of my heart >as it’s my voice. writing this i realize i live my hearts’s song. my mind is in my heart

as travelers we stop and capture
as ultimately we know
this will lead to moving away evermore
this insane attraction of the cities
with wild dancing and native singing
brings the wheeze to follow another city
but as travellers we know
we want to roam in the glades

I am diving in ocean to feel warmth of the sea, eyes closed, inhaling and exhaling, expanding in the depth of blues.
Wild, present in the magic of earth, just fully alive, standing alone with the sun.
The burn of sunshine through my skin feels like a reminder for the heart to feel light again.
Conversing with myself, nice and slow as I float.
And the heart says, darling healing isn’t always soft. It can be loud and could come in emotions just like the waves. It says listen to the wind as you are air. Lengthen yourself like breath, without forcing. Go back to feeling, surfing and flowing. Be the sound of the ocean and the warmth of the sun.

I move in between walls and dreams in silence,
arrivals and departures
Tangled in questions of the new world, identity, self,
preaching and cosmology
I feel bright and mundane at the same time
Sometimes embodying gods and goddesses
Sometimes just being
Understanding and smiling at missing parts,
unsettled forms and ideas
Reevaluating, with an inclination towards closeness
Abandoning tradition for primitivism
Finding global perspectives, in fascination
and at the same time disintegrating through
this metropolitan experience
Menace of hybridisation seems to be the circumstance of life
Perhaps not noticing any other systems and lucidly sensing
from the spine

sea of people in romance and beauty
basking around, observing and finding pleasure;
in between bridges, balconies and breeze
with gelato, gondola and gin.
the glitter has its exclusivity
with papier-mâché masks, lavish linens and vintage wines
such beauty of swank and shimmer together.

chaos from transmigration
as I moved to a concealed world of preachers and originators,
my sky showed signs of emptiness after years of playful stares from the big glass windows
I galloped and pulled out my spiritual being in the Mughal court, gripped myself with the melodious memories trying to relieve
the emotion
and it turned into the practice of exhumation.

why are you looking in the obvious places
when I am to be found in the shadows.
why are you feeling in those cloudy spaces
when I am to be found with the sopranos.
as I sing the truth of freedom and gaze through
the horizon of demons, what is it that despair has to offer

searching for better places may not always get me that experience
but pieces of those temporary walls are highlighting
this mysterious

perhaps I need a new key to strike another balance

my heart beats in 8 counts as life rhythms in
body and mind

my soul fills with music as I Pique turn and sense in time
the madness to draw with my body to play and feel - is always a treat.

as I draw to the language of water

the sky holds its breath
with my planet listening and breathing.
water becomes the only side of my spot to be
with the wide ocean and a brand new day!

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